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Tips Fasting For Ulcer Patients

Fasting in the month of Ramadan for Muslims is an obligation that must be run for one full month. This is because fasting is an obligatory pillar of Islam and Muslims lived for those who already baligh and sensible and faithful. But for those who have problems with heartburn often find it difficult to run fast. Because of the pain of heartburn will be tortured if still running fast. Given fasting is an obligation to do so  have to undergo. In order not to further aggravate the condition of heartburn need to do a variety of tips for fasting for ulcer sufferers. Related to that this time we will explain in lay out the explanation in this article.

As we know ulcer disease itself is a disease which occurred as result of inflammation of the gastric attack in people who have a diet that is not good. In addition ulcer can also be caused due to high levels of stress experienced by a person. So because of that ulcer patients are strongly encouraged to be able to eat on time and avoid a variety of foods that can worsen the condition of ulcer disease. So how about when it should be fasting? Well just note the following reviews are fasting tips for ulcer sufferers. Because of course review this time is very beneficial for you people with ulcers, including the following!

Here Tips Fasting For Ulcer Patients

Always Eat Sahur
First tip that should be considered by patients with gastritis before the fasting is to try always dawn. By dawn aiming to prevent an empty stomach, but it also can be useful to maintain the level of gastric acidity in the normal range. In addition to taking ulcer drugs do not forget to drink after the meal. With so ulcer will not recur and make tortured when fasting.

Soon To Berbuka
If you've entered a time to break the fast, it would be nice if you could immediately for fasting. When breaking Eat first meal weet like dates as 2- 3 seeds. Because sweet foods are very easily absorbed by the body to make stomach acid does not rise. After that you can proceed with a heavy meal and still try to avoid foods that can make the ulcer recurrence as food coconut milk, spicy, sour and many others.

Avoid Stress
As described above, the ulcer itself apart can be caused due to have a diet that is not good also because it is caused by excessive stress, then that's why at the time of fasting should be to avoid excessive stress conditions. because stress can stimulate metabolism thereby increasing stomach acid that causes damage to the stomach wall. The solution to avoid excessive stress while fasting is with many worshipers like the Koran.

Drink Regularly Drugs
The final thing you can do is to take medication regularly. When the fast of course schedule for taking the medication will be amended. There is only time to take medication when the meal, iftar and bedtime. So from that time try to put to good use for taking the heartburn drug that makes no recurrence of stomach ulcers and heal.
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