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Tips Healthy Diet During the Month of Ramadan

In the month of Ramadan this time a lot of people who use other than to worship but also support the diet program. Well for those of you who also want to go on a diet at the time of Ramadan is very important if you notice the following review. You need to know to go on a diet during the fasting month of Ramadan, there are several things or rules you have to do. One of them do not make fasting sebagaia reason to consume excessive food and many others. Actually, the way and the results do not much different diet before fasting as long as it can be done in earnest and commitment. As we know at the time of fasting will of course affect the intake of nutrients in the body each day. Usually not infrequently this results in the body's metabolism experienced a slight adjustment. So because of that need to be considered well especially with the diet program that you do.

When fasting is very effective for you do a diet program. But when the fast metabolism because they will often forget the adjustment depends on the intake of nutrients that enter the body. So because of that nutrition must remain on guard all day. Do just the opposite, in fact it will make your health decreases. Well want to know tips on a healthy diet during Ramadan? Immediately, note the following review!

This is the Healthy Diet Tips When the month of Ramadan Can Do

Eating lots of Water
At the time of fasting every person who runs it is not allowed to eat or drink during the day. When it was time to break the fast the evening or you will be allowed to eat and drink. Well on this occasion there are things you should do is to consume lots of water. Actually, not just the time when breaking fast, but also in the time of night and the dawn of time. This is done intended that the body avoid dehydration. That would make your body to be healthy and help the body shed  nature.

Menu Iftar and Sahur Healthy
The next way to help you lose weight is by insufficient intake of iftar and sahur healthy. Such as by eating dates one seed as the menu that break the fast. You should not consume too much due dates in the palm fruit has a high sugar content. Next you better provide a menu of foods containing vegetables and avoid fried foods. Such as fried, fried tofu and many others. This also applies at the time of your last meal menu. With your attention to diet during the fasting month, you will see changes in your weight.

Stay Active
The last thing you can do is to always remain active even when fasting. Do all your activities according to their ability. Although at the time of fasting should not be made to sleep seeharian therefore Sagat is not good for your health. Better to conduct religious activities such as recitation, recite al-gur'an and many more activities that you can do better. In addition you can exercise at a time when after breaking fast at least 10 minutes is very good.

Thus the explanation of dieting during the fasting month of Ramadan that you can do.
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