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Tips For Pregnant Women Stay Active Work

Now it works not only be done by a man, but women also have the opportunity to work. Women who work or better known as career women often consider working as a half of his life. Hence it is very difficult for him to leave employment, even if it was in a state of pregnancy. And become a very serious decision when choosing pekerkaan or maintaining pregnancy. You do not need to worry, since both semestisnya not need dijadikanj choice. It's just that you need to keep your pregnancy health condition while bekeja. Well to clarify the tips regarding pregnant women, just note the following review!

This is the Pregnancy Tips Stay Active At Work

Avoid Overtime Work
For pregnant women who are still mmeutuskan to work it is important to know this is to avoid overtime. Must be able to distinguish the current conditions with the previously no longer be able to do the work overload. This is because when the work is more than necessary will can harm the fetus. Starting from the mother yan tired body conditions for overtime work so directly with a direct impact on the condition of the fetus in the womb.

Avoid Stress Conditions
Not just a matter of hours of work that need to be avoided by pregnant women while at work, but also must avoid excessive stress conditions. for pregnant still try to keep your stress level. Should not be excessive. When your own stress, there will not be participating merasakann what is being experienced. The impact is very significant. When stress a person will tend to lose appetite. This means no adequate nutrition that enters the body through food. Remember, in your womb there are candidates who are dependent on the baby you. Without adequate nutrition, the fetus can not thrive and healthy in the womb.
Workspace with Comfortable
It does seem trivial, but large enough influence on a pregnant woman at work ie spatial problems. Not everyone likes the ruangt system work, if it is experienced by a mother experiencing such conditions will create patterns of thought become stressed. So to avoid one way is to arrange the work space comfortably. Also make sure also clean room conditions and the level of safety is maintained. And equally important is to try to organize his office must have the breadth to move freely.

Enough rest
Here's a final tip that you can do is to do the rest. When pregnant, rest time required is different when you're alone. If you usually only breaks at lunchtime or recess office, while pregnant do different things. You have to rest when you feel tired. Eg 1 or 2 hours. Although just sitting and stretch my legs. It is necessary for the body is more relaxed. If your job can not give a chance to break even if only 5 minutes, as spg, it's better you do not work on first. If you are forced to experience things that are not cool for too long standing.
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